Our mission

We want to live in a world that is free of prejudice. As a 100% non-profit association, we want to contribute our part to create this world: we connect companies and non-profit organisations to accelerate social impact, sustainably.

Our values:

..for a talk.
..for a question.
..for a collaboration.
..for a coffee 🙂

Be a part of it

Be aware of your privileges. 

Be a voice for the ones who go unheard. 

Be an ally to someone.

Our history

Emre, the initiator of We Speak Your Donate, has been encouraging those around him to accept and love their authentic selves for years. This passion to stand up for such a self-image hits the pulse of time: the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion are increasing on the agenda of companies - and with it the interest in actors who stand up for these topics. Emre's personal drive thus turned into official requests to give talks. To stay true to himself, Emre donated his fee to initiatives that have been working for equality and diversity every day for years. This is how the first connections between companies and NGOs were made - and the idea for We Speak You Donate was born. In November 2021 Simon, Lucas, Ali, Laura, Raimund and Selin joined this idea and on 11 February 2022 they all signed the official statutes of the association. Since then, they have all been working voluntarily alongside their studies and jobs to make the world more colorful together - sustainably.

Let's open doors, hearts and minds together. Let's support associations and their voluntary educational mission!