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We connect businesses and non-profit organisations through talks to increase their social impact.

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24. February

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The theme: Belonging. An evening where organizations and NGOs meet at eye level and learn from each other in keynote, panel discussion and interactive impression sessions. You want to know more? You want to be part of it with your organization or NGO? Register here and we will get back to you.

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What we do

We support non-profit organisations that are committed to reducing discrimination and promoting equal opportunities by raising donations through talks and workshops at companies. In this way, we create strategically important partnerships between companies and NGOs, which secures the long-term educational mission of the organizations - all based on the fundamental understanding of a colorful world.

„Thank you for the inspiring talk today at Salesforces“ - Nicole.

Our Speaker


Who am I? Who are you? The danger of hiding the authentic of hiding yourself


A trans member of the German Armed Forces


Nina is passionate about supporting other women to seize their full potential


Senior Industry Manager at Google


Trans comedy queen

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Based on the topic of your choice, we will select the speaker who is most authentic to speak on that topic. The talk will then take place at your location - online or on-site.

You decide how much you would like to donate.

We will then give 100% of your donation to one of our selected organizations.

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